Little Baker in my Belly: Third Trimester Symptoms

Time seems to run alternately slow and fast when you’re pregnant — my third trimester was over in a breeze!

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Gender Determination at 23 weeks – We’re Having a Boy!

Baby Bump Gender Reveal Boy
We’re Having a Boy!

For months now, hubby and I have been curious about the gender of our baby.  No pressure though, as we didn’t really have any preference as to the baby being a girl or a boy.  I did however have this weird certainty that we were having a girl.  I kept on thinking about the baby as a girl, used female pronouns when referring to “her”, and came up with a huge list of female baby names.  In my dreams, “she” was always a girl too!

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Gaining Weight: Second Trimester Symptoms

We waited until the end of the first trimester to announce to our friends that we were expecting.  We kept it a little hush-hush then, and baby did a good job of not showing much yet.  Plus, we were still going to have our wedding by February 2017 (17 week mark), so I still had to fit into my wedding gown and reception dress.  Not much of a deal since I was still not eating much as I was still getting over the food aversions.

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How We Found Out: First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

I was expecting my period sometime November 1st of last year. I sometimes get it either 1-2 days earlier or later, so I didn’t think much of being slightly delayed.  Matter of fact, I went swimming and snorkeling with my family, not knowing I was carrying LO then!

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